Scorpio weekly horoscope 17 october 2019


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This week, try to relearn how to respect and uphold your boundaries. The best gift you can give yourself this week is permission to walk away.

Scorpio 12222 Horoscope

You can turn away from useless arguments, walk out of movies halfway through, give up on books after just a few pages. It takes so much energy just to survive, and the people in your life want more than that, too.

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Everyone wants your time, your attention. Everyone wants to be loved exactly right. This week, if that starts to become too much, or if it all feels unfair, try to take a step back. Consider what you need, and what you can give. This week, it might feel particularly grating when someone advises you to compromise or find middle ground. Compromise is a tool, not an imperative. You can expect, this week, to feel some nagging irritation at the world. You can expect to feel some frustration, verging on anger, that everyone — from the people who run the world, to the strangers you see on the street, to your friends, to yourself — is so consistently imperfect.

But this week, forget about working so hard.

Daily Horoscope

This is a week for moving along your own bending path and accepting the unpredictability of it all. Everything you lose, you can come back to. You might find yourself more aware than ever of all the ways a person can be misjudged. This week, try your best to put all that out of your mind. Some people will see you truly, with love. You just have to keep living, and keep doing your work. Enjoy yourself—but know your vices. This Venus transit in Scorpio can bring romantic and sexual satisfaction your way excuse me, GET IT , but it can also bring jealousy and mistrust along with it.

Because some issues can be resolved internally for example, low self-esteem , while some should be resolved externally for example, that one person that keeps getting handsy with your SO and makes you question just how secure you are in your relationship—yeah, maybe speak up about that. This transit will be a journey in self-acceptance for you, Cancer.

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Celebrating your individuality and giving yourself space to exist without judgement is a tall order, and one that will take a lot of work and self-reflection—but it will be so worth it. This transit will have you appreciating tranquility and silence in your immediate surroundings—most likely, your home. Those fall vibes are going to hit you hard , amping up the urge to stay home and interact with family and close friends.

Mercury, your ruling planet, begins its retrograde on Halloween spooky! Whatever the case, enjoy the intensity that comes with finding a deep connection, sweet Virgo. Venus is in your second house, baby!

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Emotional intimacy will be a big focus for you, which may seem strange. Use all the tools in your toolbox. Build something indestructible. This Venus transit will have you harnessing all of your intense, all-black, smoky-eye energy. Eat the world, light it on fire, feast on the fears of your enemies, etc. Really, this month is yours to do with as you wish.

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With Venus in your sign, you will also be able to access your softer side—if you so choose. It might have you looking at freedom and independence through a different lens.

Namely that a good relationship might be more freeing than being single. Having a secure base to return to and support in all the boring life shit we have to do daily feeding ourselves! Appeasing the blood-thirsty gods and their consistent need for organic human sacrifice! October in general is great for economic and career opportunities for you, Capricorn—but this transit is also something special.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

But this Venus transit will help you loosen up a little and enjoy some of the finer things in life. Incidentally, your sex life is also supposed to get, like, super freaky and good? Get it, Capricorn. Sweet Aquarius, this is the calm before the Mercury retrograde storm coming on Oct.

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The solution? Put in the work to solve the root of the problem, instead of addressing only the symptoms.