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She cares for money. A life full of happiness and contentment. A mole on the left arm means he gets fortune, earns enough money and wealth. Success in efforts. A mole on the upper part of the arm-a brave man. A mole on the left arm of a woman indicates fortune, success in social life and command over her husband. A mole on the right arm of a woman means success in everything.

Enjoys property, sex and happiness. Fond of the opposite sex. A mole on the right elbow indicates riches, luxuries and sensual pleasures. A mole on the left elbow of a man denotes that such a man is a womaniser and is asex pervert. A mole on the left elbow of a woman indicates that she is fond of the opposite sex, passionate and all her life will love her paramour. A mole on a woman's elbow means a haughty and quarrelsome nature but a good administrator. A good planner. After early middle age, he will become rich due to his efforts.

A mole on the left wrist of a man denotes a good artist, earns well but spends on charities, women and drink. A mole on the right wrist of a woman indicates selfishness, persistence, a scheming and determined woman whose goal is to fulfil her desires at any cost. A probable good actress. A mole on the left wrist of a woman means she will be wealthy, well versed in domestic affairs and may be an artist.

A mole on the right wrist near the thumb indicates all-round success. Good position, wealth and respect. But one is arrogant and extravagant. A mole on the right palm gives good results from birth. For a woman only after marriage. A mole on the left palm gives everyone good results from birth. A woman or a man after the 25th year becomes a spendthrift. A mole on the centre of the left palm indicates wealth. An artistic achievement. He will be happy and successful from middle age onwards. Economical in spending. Wealthy by birth and also by marriage.

More sons than daughters. Fond of ornaments, dress and rich food. A mole on the third phalanges near the nail shows its effects from early age onwards, the second phalanges gives results from early middle age and the first phalanges near the palm gives its results from the late forties.

A mole on the right thumb of a man indicates a good orator with authority and high position. A woman in such a case takes part in social and public work, becomes a politician and faces unncessary scandals. A mole on the left thumb means a man will live through servitude. In case of women, artistic success, name and fame. A mole on a man's right hand first finger of Jupiter indicates wealth, nobility and a scholar. For a woman it indicates ill-repute, an evil mind and bad manners. A mole on the left hand first finger of a man denotes he is cruel, dishonest, and of an evil nature.

By taking part in nefarious activities and factional fights he may be imprisoned. For a woman, it gives success in social work, as a teacher or an artist. A mole on the right hand middle finger Saturn indicates a respectable life, becoming learned and wealthy by good or bad means. For a woman it denotes earning through immoral means as call girls etc. A mole on the left hand middle finger of a man denotes that he will indulge in wine, drugs and earn through smuggling, foul means, and wasting money on women, wine etc. For a woman a mole indicates, wealth through inheritance and lotteries etc.

A mole on the right hand Sun or ring finger of a man denotes a virtuous, religious man, head of a charitable trust, temples etc. Loves good dresses and the company of pious people. For a woman, one is lazy, disrespects elders and religion, also traditions, domestic and religious duties. A mole on the left hand Sun finger of a man indicates a boarish, illiterate or rude person having bad company, gambling, visiting brothels and liquor dens. In the case of a woman, she will be learned, respected, a devoted wife, religious and hospitable.

A mole on the right hand little finger of a man denotes a wealthy, good business magnate, fond of visiting foreign countries and also of costly wine and beautiful women. For a woman it makes her fickle-minded, changing emotions, flirting with men, fond of drinks and is sensual but wealthy. A mole on the left hand small finger of a man makes him flop in business, a henpecked husband of a begging nature. For a woman, it gives success, happiness, inherited wealth, sensual pleasures, frequent travels and she will be a wife of a high officer or a business magnate.

Loss of power and authority. The significance of such white spots on nails is as follows: White spots on the nail of thumb indicate success in business in the near future. Friendship with women. A black spot indicates failures and quarrels with the opposite sex. A white spot on the nail of Jupiter finger indicates employment, friendship with respectable people and financial gain. A black spot denotes loss of job, money and enmity with friends. A white spot on the nail of middle finger Saturn signifies profit in business, voyage.

A black spot, loss in business and danger of drowning. A white spot on the nail of Sun finger indicates success in work, financial gain, name and fame. A black spot means loss of money, insult, disgrace and failure. A white spot on the nail of Mercury of little finger denotes success, financial gain in business and success in examination. Black spots denote death in the near future. In general, they indicate limited children, disturbed mind and more family responsibilities.

Big black moles on the hips are not auspicious; they indicate extreme bad luck, poverty and moral degradation. He will be wealthy, and blessed with success. A mole on the left knee indicates a bad temper, meanness, moderate means, company of low women, family troubles, a inconsiderable and hasty nature. A mole on the right knee of a woman denotes unhappiness due to ill-treatment by husband, financial difficulties. A mole on the left knee of a woman indicates marriage with a man of high position. Happiness, more sons. Controls the husband and family.

Long journeys are indicated. He is energetic and successful. For a woman a quarrelsome nature, troubled life, fond of gossiping. Henpecked and a coward. For a woman, she will be a noble, affectionate wife, ready to sacrifice everything for the good of the family. A woman having moles anywhere in the region from the thigh to the ankle will have great devotion to God. She will complete any work assigned to her successfully. In some instances she acts rashly. Excepting for the persons having moles on thighs the conjugal life of others may not be satisfactory.

They show a keen interest in participating in social gatherings. They are easily prone to cardiac and pulmonary disorders. They are ignorant of the management of money matters. For a woman it indicates poverty, hard work, evil deeds and immorality. A mole on the left side of the right ankle of a man shows him to be a man of moderate means, helpful to others, hospitable, who leads a simple and contented life. For a woman it indicates easy virtues, a sharp tongue, enmity with all due to bad behaviour.

A mole on the right side of the left ankle of a man signifies moderate means of livelihood, respectable life, easily pleased, hospitable and God-fearing. For a woman it indicates virtuosity, pilgrimage, a sweet tongue and moderate means of earnings. For a woman, signifies a learned, daring, active, jovial, obedient and hospitable lady. Respectful to others, religious to the maximum. Does social service and leads a happy comfortable life. A determined, tactful, person who gets success. A devoted husband, pious and religious, visits temple and goes on many pilgrimages. For a woman, it signifies fickle-mindedness, changing emotions, lack of interest in family life, a craving for the company of men.

Study of Moles - Moleosophy

Suffers from venereal diseases. A mole on the left side of the right foot of a man indicates the love of company of philosophers, he is respectable, secretive and a man of modern means. For a woman, it signifies, moderate means of living, homeliness, she may contract venereal diseases, moderately happy married life. Respectful to husband and elders.

Disrespectful to elders. Not religious, suffers from mental and physical illness. Ambitious but extremely poor. For a woman, it is an auspicious sign; she enjoys prosperity and happiness. Virtuous, respectful to husband, a religious leader and devoted to God. Sinful acts, poor, a vagabond and dies a premature violent death. For a woman, a religious, devoted wife, wealthy, all comforts of life, Fond of pilgrimages and sight-seeing.

Such people undertake frequent journeys, have delayed children or none, may suffer from some chronic disease. Highly sensual and romantic and a genius. Frequent journeys in life. For a woman, it indicates a quarrelsome nature, secretly seeking the company of other men. A mole on any part of the sole indicates frequent journeys, ambitions and wealth.

The Chinese believe moles can be lucky or unlucky depending on where they are located, what color they are, and how large they appear in proportion to our body. Moles on our backs denote some kind of burden we have to carry, while moles at the front of our bodies are said to attract success luck. If you have ever wondered what that mole on your neck, back or thigh means, read on. Some say that the moles on our bodies are in reality secret imprints carried over from our previous lives, stamps of some past karmic deed meant to ripen in this life, good as well as bad.

Others contend that moles are messages of good fortune and misfortune that reflect important turning points of our life. Each noticeable mole on our body carries a hidden meaning, or depicts some secret obstacle or unexpected help from someone. Good Luck Moles And Bad Luck Moles In certain traditions, the messages of moles were so significant it could even be read as bringing bad luck to the family, or so highly revered that the member of the family with the mole would be highly revered.

Many cultures contend of course that the larger and more prominent the mole, the greater its power. Another widely held belief is that lighter-coloured moles spell better fortune. Here is what the Chinese generally have to say about moles on our body. Do moles on your body have hidden meanings? Explore various mole meaning secrets about your destiny and personality. Discover good luck moles and bad luck moles on your body.

Also, learn how mole meanings are determined by mole astrology and mole reading. Do moles on female body have the same meanings as those on male body? Read on to gain deep insight into the meanings of moles at different locations on your body. Furthermore, have a look at excellent pictures of moles on various parts of the body. Labels: Mole Til. Nitin Kumar Palmist. Newer Post Older Post Home. Question: I want to know what includes in Palm reading report?

Answer: You will get detailed palm reading report covering all aspects of life. Past, current and future predictions. Your palm lines and signs, nature, health, career, period, financial, marriage, children, travel, education, suitable gemstone, remedies and answer of your specific questions. It is up to pages. Question: When I will receive my palm reading report? Answer: You will get your full detailed palm reading report in days to your email ID after receiving the fees for palm reading report. Question: How you will send me my palm reading report?

Answer: You will receive your palm reading report by e-mail in your e-mail inbox. Question: Can you also suggest remedies? Answer: Yes, remedies and solution of problems are also included in this reading. Question: Can you also suggest gemstone? Answer: Yes, gemstone recommendation is also included in this reading. Question: How to capture palm images?

Answer: Capture your palm images by your mobile camera Take image from iphone or from any android phone or you can also use scanner. Question: Give me sample of palm images so I get an idea how to capture palm images? Answer: You need to capture full images of both palms Right and left hand , close-up of both palms, and side views of both palms. See images below. Answer: Cost of palm reading: India: Rs. For instant palm reading in 24 hours you need to pay extra Rs. Answer: You need to provide me some proof of the payment made like:. Screenshot of payment. Question: I am living outside of India so what are the options for me to pay you?

Give Me Your Feedback. Harry December 3, at PM. Pundit Nitin is very good i would highly recommend to others fast reliable service and most importantly Honest, Pundit Ji has helped me a lot through difficult times and continues to do so. Sharfu December 3, at PM. Nitin ji is a great professional Palmist and astrologist.

He gives very good guidance People often thinks that we can change our life by palmistry and astrology, but the truth is your life can only be change by counseling from a professional palmist and astrologist, and thats what nitin ji is. By working on nitin ji's remedy you can change your life for the betterment. I have a good experience with him. May God Bless You.. Nitin g u r such a honest person nd great palmist nd ur astrology is alwyz satisfied me I have good experience with him I would like to gav all credit to him bcz they solv tha evry problm with honest I alwyz folow him thnkz alot nitin g u alwyz hlps tha people evry time.

Sana Zafar December 7, at PM. I personally liked the articles for learning palmistry thank u soo much for sharing yr knowledge with all of us.. Personally I am a very big fan of nitin ji as he has always helped me in solving my problems. Anonymous December 9, at PM. I have been using Nitin ji's palmistry guidance for many years and he is extremely honest and VERY accurate. He is very supportive and has upay for most issues. They will help me to destroy all the bad effects, black magic. Dear sir,Greetings to you I have visited at your site, it really praiseworthy work done by you.

I really appreciate your work which help to learner such kind of me. Thankful to you sir that help us for useful information.. Pls Kindly send me the copy I really need it which help to me increase my knowledge si. Thanking you. Warm regards! Shweta Lobhane. Narayan Debnath December 24, at PM. Thanking very Pandit ji. It helped me lot to enhance my knowledge about Palmistry. Hawk January 5, at PM. Nitin is the most accurate and honest palm reader I have come across, I looked around and all I could find is people disappointed from palm readers. I really recommend his work and insight as it goes beyond any ordinary palm reading.

He really helped me and I was touched by his honesty.

What is a Birthmark?

He is a very spiritual person, we need honest people around us in life. Great job and the best reading ever. Very accurate and detailed. Love your work Try it out folks Anonymous January 8, at AM. Hello all, Mr Kumar , is a very charming man together with lots of integrity he told me such truths but in a nice way. His an extremely accurate and I would highly recommend him as a person and a palmist. Anonymous March 29, at PM. I love your work Nitin. You are such a professional and honest!

You truly given me hope and guidance in my life. Keep up the good work! Ksshitij Chaudhary April 6, at PM. All thanx to Nitin ji He is so accurate even I was not sure for success of my film.. Anonymous April 19, at PM. Thanks heaps Nitin for all your advise regarding my career and love life. I appreciate all your work. Keep up the good work and more power to you! Rachael May 5, at PM. Nithinji is a very honest Palmist. Whatever he said has come true for my sister in law. He is the man to go to if you have questions and trust me he is always positive is very imperative as possessing a sense of patience and remarkably humble.

God Bless him and his work. Jose Sanchez July 16, at PM. Nitin Kumar I must congratulate you for your kind and competent reading of my hands. GOD I wish you much light of understanding to enable it to help other people, as you have done me and my wife. Jessica September 29, at PM. Nitin is very gifted and his accurate reading has given me optimism at a time when I was in a very dark place, I am eternally grateful to him. Everything about my childhood is true and I believe his predictions for my future will therefore be true also. I feel very lucky to have found Nitin. After Nitin analyzed my palms, I feel more confident than previously and I decide to make every effort to make my dreams come true.

Now, with the assistance of Nitin, I realize there are certain favourable signs on my palm to support what I will do and I will be keep going from now on. Thanks again and I will write more after I finish my task, within a few years. Anonymous December 21, at AM. Mr nitin reply is prompt precise and satisfying.

He is mater of his subject and recommend to all friends. Anonymous December 21, at PM. Mr nitin is talented and precise. His very quick to reply and honest in his approach. I wish him good luck n recommend to all friends. Thanks osho. Ajindra December 22, at PM. Worth it to show your hand to Guruji May God bless him Ajay Sharma. Thanku very much sir u r such a great person ur all predictions are right..

M very greatful that I met u on this site. Amey Naik December 26, at AM. Well Sir ji is very good in his predictions. HE has a high level of accuracy in his predictions. On top of that his remedies are also simple and easy to perform at the same time effective too. The best thing is that Sir ji is very prompt in his replies which I so much appreciate about him. Thank you Sir ji for helping me out some of my life's problems.

Looking forward to get more future updates from you. May god bless you Sir ji. Very prompt. Yuliya December 28, at PM. Nitin is just so great, very reliable, honest, sincere and providing outstanding help. I was a little skeptical from the beginning, but I have read all reviews and decided to try.

I was so happy I did!!!!!!! Nitin is amazing adviser and his palm reading give me hope for a better change in my life. I will continue to keep in touch with him and share my beautiful experience with everyone i know. I have no words to express how grateful I am!!!!!!!!!! I wish you many years of prosperity, happiness and success in your life!!!!!!!!!! GDuverglas January 1, at AM. Kellyss I like the science of palmistry and I have had my palms read by many professionals. This reading done by Mr. Nitin Kumar was fast, accurate, and remarkable. Kumar gave me very precise and correct details about my childhood, health, and actual life.

I will absolutely recommend his services to everyone who likes palmistry. This is remarkable. Thank you! Anonymous January 1, at PM. A very nice honest man!! U can't find people like him in this world!! Vidyullatha January 7, at AM. I was searching for a professional palmist on internet. I decided to send my palm pictures to Nitinji and got immediate response by mail.

Very next day I got complete reading of my Palm. He gave me precise and perfect details about my past and present life trends and also remedy for the same. Kshitija January 9, at AM. Nitinji's service is wonderful for those in need. His service is prompt and very accurate. Would definitely recommend to anyone contemplating having their palm read, as he provides an honest palm reading with positive remedies. I've had a difficult time in my life so that I asked for help from Sir Nitin Kumar.

I am satisfied with his service. He replies me very quickly, and generously gave his answers to all my questions even after the palm reading report. You know, there are a lot of other palmist in the world, many of them just want to take much as money from you as they can. They just answer you a limited number of questions, if you want to ask more, pay more.

I think this is not just a service but a help. Most concern of us when we search for a palmist is the accuracy of his reading. Well, for my case, most of his predictions about my past is right. About the future, of course, I haven't known yet. But at least he helped easing burdens in my mind. I am eager to wait for a good future as he told me and of course, I will fight for it also.

Thank you so much Sir. I will come back to you to tell you the story of my life. Anonymous January 21, at PM. Nitin sir, he is a very honest man in the world. He is given the good advise to all people. Very powerful mantra. Anonymous January 23, at PM. Great service! Nitin is an honest person and he has helped me a lot through difficult times through his guidance and advice.

Keep up the good work Nitin. God Bless! Morthy Santana January 25, at PM. Pundit Nithin's hand reading is very excellent and honest guy. Most of the reading eventhough generally told but comes true at that time. Of course no one perfect in this field, but Nithin Kumar doing good job on me compare to other.

His fees also very cheap. God bless you sir. Morthy Sandanam, Malaysia. Anonymous January 28, at PM. Nitin is a professional palmist. Quick in giving response. Hey guys I will recommend you all to consult him for professional palmistry. Radhika February 2, at PM. Hi Everyone, I surfed in the internet of various palmists to get the correct info.

I came to see nitins website and got impressed a lot for the range of information he have. I have contacted him ,he was quick and very honest. I think is the better and best palmist in india i have ever known. Thank You sir. Anonymous February 2, at PM. Thanks Nitin. Your readings are very close to reality. Appreciate your quick response. Best wishes. Titus John. Pushkar February 4, at PM. Many thx Nitinji for your Palm Readings for both of us. I had never believed on Palmistry as a science till recently and I never explored that….

It was very informative and exciting…. I am amazed to see the accuracy of your Palm reports!! Almost all the things you mentioned about the personality traits, life events, health , career.. I also appreciate your honesty and quick response and interest in resolving queries. I would recommend the readers to explore and interact with Nitin Kumar to know your past and future trends!!

God Bless!! Anonymous February 5, at AM. Mr Kumar , aside from his brilliant ability to read peoples palms, his sincere and honest. This shows from price he is charging, which is way too cheap for the knowledge he tells us about ourselves. His care, guidance and genuine help for those who need someone tell them a bit more then they can figure out themselves ,which was me.

I appreciate his sincere goodwill and truly recommend him to anyone. Anonymous February 8, at AM. I thank mr nitin kumar for his amazing website and for reading my Palm. He charge only a very cheap price too.

Meaning of Moles on the Face, Chinese Facial Mole Reading

Lasanka de silva. Rizvi Moosa February 13, at PM. A great palmist, a wonderful human, a sincere guide and an honest helper. Moosa Pakistan.

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A very accurate, quick and prompt service. A comprehensive reading is provided covering all dimensions. Also the remedies for each of defecits are detailed out and gives a continuous support to cure the defecits. Anonymous February 23, at PM. Anonymous March 9, at PM. Good insights and am surprised at accuracy of most areas of the report. Thank you for your work! Good insights, high degree of accuracy. Sir its me nadhy from maldives , i dont know how to thank you, in my experience i would like to say he is very suppotive,he guided me , help me when ever i want and i feel he is like my second father ,,, once again thank you sir Anonymous March 17, at PM.

Manish March 26, at AM. Nitin jee is very accurate and has immense knowledge his readings were very accurate and reassuring at no point did I feel he was out to make money and I sincerely wish him all the best. Anonymous April 1, at PM. Nitin is the only one my trusted palmist. Once my payment done, he replied my email soon. And in 2 or 3 days you will get your accurate palm reading. I was amazed by his very accurate reading.

He described very accurately what has happened to my life when I was child, my health, my career etc. He told me about my character as he know me better than myself!!! After you get your palm reading you can also get consult with him. I feel very lucky to get to know a great yet honest palmist like you, Nitin! And thank you for always give me great guidance through your very kind reply. Once again thank you, Nitin!!! We wish you all the very best! Anonymous June 18, at PM. Sir JI You r great sir.

Anonymous August 9, at PM. I really appreciate Nitin Ji for his services. His guidance brought me lot of confidence. Moreover he is not money minded person, very honest and sincere. I live in U. I will meet him personally when i visit next time to india. Anonymous August 13, at AM. His Very honest and helpful person and he answered additional questions I asked after my reading and he politely answered back.

Definitely recommend him. His reading was so accurate and I recommenced it to my friends. Definitely worth it. Thank you so much Nitin I appreciate it! God Bless You. Anonymous August 18, at AM. Thank you for all your support! Highly Recommend! Anonymous August 24, at AM.

शरीर के अंगों के तिल, क्या दर्शाते हैं ? Moles On Body Reveal About your behaviour and Personality

I really appreciate the report that Mr Nitin provided after the palm analysis. It's thought-provoking and surprisingly accurate. If you live abroad and want a genuine report- this is. He is also very quick to respond to queries and resent my report when I had misplaced it. All the best. Swati August 27, at AM. I am so grateful that I found Nitinji through an online search. Most of the things that he has said in my palm reading report are true. I am a bit stagnated on the career front right now, and after the consultation, I see a certain direction. I have a lot more clarity now on what my next steps should be.

After receiving my report, I asked him that in the future if I need to ask him about anything specific, what are his charges, and to that he answered saying that "no more fees for specific questions in the future. In today's commercial world, such genuine people are rare. Thanks you Nitinji! Anonymous August 27, at PM. Nitin-ji was very prompt in sending in his report. It was very detailed and surprisingly accurate. I didn't ask him very specific questions, but he included a lot of details. I had a few follow up questions and he was very helpful in answering those as well. Overall, it has been a great experience!

Deepak P September 16, at AM. Amazingly close to perfection.. Nitinkumarji's prompt response adds to the warmth of consulting him. God Bless Him. Anonymous September 16, at PM. It's my first time to ask reading my palms by the palmist. I have found this website through google. It's so grateful. Mr Nitin Kumar is very professional, prompt response 1day service , honest, and supportive.

I am amazed to his reading. It is very accurate and detail. I think that he has been knowing me for many years and even better than myself. Thank you so much, Mr Nitin Kumar. Anonymous September 17, at PM. Sir thank you very much for very quick response to my request. All most all are correct. What you had analysed about my palm. Santosh September 20, at PM. Your prediciton is correct in almost all areas, I am very sure, your will enriching your experience in future too, as this is like a science which grows with all passing years. You are detail oriened and very quick in response, so I am hoping that there must be a way to predict the event and its relation with person in details.

Golden Princess September 21, at PM. I'm extremely amazed and pleased with your descriptions. I believe your advice would be absolutely helpful. Thanks from Singapore! Arijit October 3, at PM. His report is like a guide for me for preventing future mistakes. I believe in our own self and hard work but his report will act as a guide to make my journey easier. Also I respect his honesty and keeping of word. In this commercial and money making world this is one service with which I got satisfied. Vipin October 6, at PM. Nitin Sir is one of the genuine person I found in my life. I usually don't trust people easily and don't even give the feedback but this is the first time I am doing it for a genuine personality and for a good work being done by him.

I asked him so many questions related to my life at different times and he actively answered my all the questions without asking for any more fee and this makes him different from others. I started following his solutions given to me and I believe one must consult him for a brighter future.

Best of Luck. Anonymous October 23, at PM. Thank you very much Sir Nitin for the accurate, honest and detailed analysis about my palm. I'm extremely amazed about how you predicted almost every area in my life. You are really such a professional in your work and have given me hope and guidance in the future especially the remedies. Thank you and more power to you Sir. Anonymous October 30, at AM. Mr Nitin is amazingly accurate. He was quick to repsond. His analysis was very detailed and honest. All of his predictions of my past were surprsingly correct. He provided great insight, knowledge and guidance in his report.

Thank you so much! Anonymous November 1, at PM. Sir Nitin is a real pro. I do not believe in palm reading then. But when I came across with his blog and read feedbacks here from those who have tried his expertise I was curious. Indeed he's great. Almost everything in my past life he had predicted and everything he mentioned about my personality is true. Everything about my health status he pointed out are true as if he had known me for a long time. Thank you very much sir.

Highly recommended for those who want good vibes in their lives Thank you sir From Philippines. Anonymous November 22, at PM. Sir aap sach mai mahan ho Maine abhi tak kisi ko palmistry se Etna sahi sahi bataty hue nahi dekha. Thank to god ke mai aapse mila and thanks to you also. Anonymous November 24, at PM. If you want guidelines in your life Sir Nitin Kumar is highly recommended not only me but also my friends.

He will do his best to help you and he is willing to give remedy for the problems that you're facing in your life. I am very thankful that my friends recommend him. He is a big help for me and I'm sure also for others. So if you need help or guidelines in your life don't hesitate to contact him and I assure you that you will not regret it.

Thank you Sir Nitin Kumar and more power to you. Laxman December 7, at PM. Awesome prediction! Some points are damn accurate. Best palmist I've ever come across. When I was browsing in the internet, I came to know about Mr. Nitin Kumar Sir. I wondered after reading his blog. I was eagerly waiting for my palm reading after sending the amount and the images. Within 3 days, I got my palm reading. Awesome predictions. Most points are exactly correct. Predictions about my past were accurate. Excellent job. Nitin ji, thank you for providing such a nice and accurate prediction and advises.

I'll highly recommend Nitin ji's services as my own personal experience is extremely satisfied. I must add that I had never believed in palm reading or astrology but I had sent my palm images as I was little disappointed with the things around me, and that too just as curiosity to figure out that whether palm reading can really provide some genuine predications. To my surprise, after reading Palm reading report I was totally shocked. My past, present and most likely is future was told by Nitin ji like an open book. Thanks once again Nitin ji. Anonymous December 18, at PM.

I had many doubts after my palm reading get done. I sent him more than 3 mails to him. He replied for every mail with patience. This is the second time I'm sending the comments after seeing his services. Hats off to you. Congrats Sir. Most of moles are formed within 4 year of birth of a person. Some moles are temporary and some moles are formed when a person use to get good impact of his or her parents stars. Usually moles on hand or palm or below to feet area are inherited one and they usually formed at the age of 18 to 24 year of age, when a person get freedom from the Nakshatrafal.

We have already told you about Nakshatra in our other web page, and during this age his or her planetary Maha Dasa gets control on him. According to some astrologer these are formed according to transit of Rahu and Ketu, but we have seen that placement of Rahu and Ketu in birth chart indicates the spot on body of a person, mole are different from it.

In palmistry and other lines moles are the turning point of reading and it impacts on a person more then other spots. Even though many contradictory views are there in this regard and a big book can be written We are giving some text related to moles, which we have found much near to accurate and most of time we also see this in case of correction of birth time. Mole or marks on palm and feet, is a separate issue and is much different from mark on other part of body.

If a mole, spot or circle type figure formed by hair on the left side of a lady or right side of a man are always identified as. If there is mole on the breasts of a lady, she must be very fortunate, in case of male they are holder of very tiny heart and always fearing from many things which are not even present in their life.

A lady, who has a red mark like a mole etc. She also get a lot of enjoyments and comforts in life.

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  7. In case of male, it makes him coward and her potential of producing children remains in doubt. If any lady having a red color mole, on her left breast, she use to blessed with nice but only one son. If any lady, who is having a mole on her right breast, she use to get may children and most of them are girls. If any lady or gent is having red color mole or mark on the fore head then that person use to gain or become a rular of a kingdom. If any gents is having dark marks on head, above to forehead then he too becomes a king. But if the mark is on the left side of head, then he becomes the reason of a very big fall or breaking of a nation, and along with his stars the empire also get vanished.

    But if the mark is on the right side then he use to become the reason of making or creating a big union and becomes a legend in his own life time. The person use to enjoy a lot of sweetish items and gets a lot of beauties in life if he is having red color mark on the right cheeks. Same us said for a lady if she is having mark in left cheek.

    According to Sage Parashar and Varah Mihir, such impact is having more effect on men then to women. The lady is having a red mark on her nose she becomes or enjoys becomes companion of a king or high dignitary. But if the mark is darker then light red then it indicates many adulteresses in life.

    All the marks below the navel are auspicious for both men and women.