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Your Weekly Horoscope For September 1-6, 2019- All 12 Zodiac Signs

All over Australia, it is believed by many of the Australian Aboriginal community that the stars and planets were once men, women and animals in creation times, who flew up into the sky, due to some fire, event or mishap on earth, and took refuge up there in the heavens for peace in their present form. Many stories have been told about the Moon as he dies and is reborn every month. The haunting heavens are full of native spirits, which Aboriginal people believe is their permanent home.

Elders of Dreamtime believe that Gnowee, the Sun, was once a woman who lived upon earth many Moons ago when in those years there was no light, it was dark all the time and people had to find their way around the place with the aid of bark torches.

A Skeptic’s Guide to Astrology

One day Gnowee left her little boy asleep whilst she went looking for food and in her long and tireless search she wandered to the end of the earth, and continued her wanderings until she passed underneath it and came up the other side of the globe. When Gnowee returned, she was absolutely lost and could not find her son anywhere, as it was so dark.

Aboriginal storytellers say she then went up into the sky for a better view, carrying her bark torch to show the way. To this day it is said, Gnowee still wanders across the face of the earth and underneath it, looking for her son and this is why the Sun rises and sets every day. Bahloo, the Moon, throughout the daylight hours is always trying to hide and elude the Dreamtime spirits and take refuge on earth. The spirits who live and camp on the horizon are in league with the Sun goddess Gnowee and are always turning him back to the heavens when he tries to return in the daytime.

It is only at night when the spirits and Gnowee are asleep, that Bahloo the Moon can creep past them all.

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Some Aboriginals believe one should never stare at the Moon, especially when Bahloo is full and bright, as he may come down out of the heavens and furiously set upon you. The Dreamtime horoscope is written month by month from beginning to end, including leap years. Unlike Western astrology, it does not have a cut off date for the zodiac signs in the middle of each month. Every element has a Dreamtime story association.

The most compatible love matches in the zodiac - and which star signs have the best sex

The zodiac consists of centuries-old Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, incorporated with modern constellation interpretation, as seen from Australian southern heavens and incorporating global axis. When reading your Dreamtime horoscope, remember if you were born either in the first or last week of any month, you are a "cusp person" and you should read either the month before or the month after as well as your original birth month, as you may find a little of the associated sign's personality in your own Dreamtime birth story as well.

Without their cooperation, this Dreamtime horoscope would have been a difficult task to complete. Just to add to the variations, many of the stamps had different background colours according to the format. I have shown the details in the Summary Table. This was very subjective and based on the stamps I purchased on the days of issue. The colours may change according to the print run.

Note that the tabs on the P-stamps pictured were designed by me. This is my favourite set! Go to my on-line P-stamp album on my website for more self-adhesive P-stamp tab designs.

Unique Australian Zodiac Signs Online

David Mallen is co-author of the Australian Stamp Variations catalogue. He may be contacted on david asv. You must be logged in to post a comment. Reading Time: 3 minutes. Related Posts. Aug 11, 3 Comments. Jul 25, 0 Comments. Jul 22, 0 Comments. Jul 16, 0 Comments. Jun 3, 0 Comments.

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