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If we apply the above conditions to Srila Prabhupadas chart, we get,. Lagnesh - Guru 2. Dispositor of Lagnesh - Surya 3. Dispositor of Surya - Surya 4.


Navamsa dispositor of Surya - Budha. We will find that Guru and Surya are disposed in a trine 9th Bhava and Budha is disposed in a Kendra in both rasi and navamsa. His writings have been translated in many languages and is regarded as a great treasure. His writings consist of Vedic philosophy, religion, literature, culture amongst others. His extensive commentary on the Bhagawad Gita is well known.

Lagnesh - Moon 6. Dispositor of Lagnesh - Guru 7.

Dispositor of Guru - Guru 8. Navamsa dispositor of Guru - Guru. All of the above are in a trine from the natal ascendant and hence form a kalpadruma yoga. Bala Gangadhar Tilak Ji was a mathematician, philosopher and a nationalist. He helped lay the pillars for India's independence. He founded and served as president of the Indian Home Rule League. In , at a congress session, Bal Gangadhar Tilak proclaimed "Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it".

He struggled and sacrificed for his country.

Parijata yoga

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Parijata yoga

Photo Gallery. Meditation Retreat Feedback. The suffering need not always be about loss of wealth. The lonely moon, the Nakshatra Lord of Moon, the other planets occupying such a Nakshatra Lord, planets in the asterisms of moon are capable causing the ill effects of kemadruma yoga during their periodsor sub-periods. It must also be checked if the lonely moon happens to be the cuspal sub lord of any House. The significance of such bhava will also suffer the impact of kemadruma yoga.


Presence of Kalpadruma yoga or Parijatha yoga largely reduces the impact of Kemadruma yoga. So while analyzing a chart for kemadruma, a remedial in the form of Kalpadruma must also be checked. He had a lone moon in the 10th accompanied with Rahu. But exceptions to Kemadrumaare His Moon is in own sign which is Kendea house lord 10th. In addition, he had Kalpadruma yoga which made him like a king. Moon is the sub-lord of the 5th cusp. In spite of all these remedial, sub periods of moon and related planets were so bad in his life.

Moon is in the Nakshatra of 12th House lord Merc Moon in Aslesha ,lets check wat are the other planets in the nakshatra of Moon and Merc. So the periods of moon, mercury, sun, ketu, rahu and Saturn will have the impact of kemadruma to someextent because the kalpadruma and other exceptions safeguarded him to a larger extent. Gandhiji had moon dasa from to during which time he experienced repressionfrom the South African government.

He was still an unknown entity to outside world during this dasha.

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He rose to prominence only after Moon dasha ended. After coming back to India, he had a fight for Dharma against British,as Moon is in the nakshatra of 9th house lord. He wasarrested for Civil disobedience movement in Mars- moon period. Look at the sufferings he had in return of his Karma moon in house of karma 10th they have happened in the sub-periods of moon or mercury.

The lonely moon as the sub-lord of the 5th House Lord Saturn had its impact on his peace of mind with reference to his children. Throughout moon maha dasha he had worries about his children. His relationship with his first son Harilal was very bad during the course of moon mahadasha. Harilal renounced family ties in Moon- Mercury and became an alcoholic. He has a lonely moon,9th lord in 6th with benefics in Kendra to moon.

Parijata Yoga Example

His fall happened in Rahu dasha — moon bhukti only. Moon is in the Nakshatra of Venus. Rahu and Mars also are in Nakshatra of Venus. Mercury, the 8th lord is in the nakshatra of moon. So when Moon Sub period started he got the effect of 6th,8th,12th houses too. The 4th house has moon as sub-lord making him lose all his properties. His horoscope has a special feature of both Venus and Saturn in strength — but in the 12th house and in opposition to the lonely moon!